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That Holiday Strife Is Not About Them, It’s About You

Family tension is not uncommon during the holidays. In some households, family bickering can be as prominent as turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie. One of my clients, David (not his real name), once asked me what he should do about the fast-approaching holidays, where family gatherings always included his brother-in-law with whom he never gets

How You Can Watch the News and Remain Calm with the ‘Three Rs’

One of my clients was telling me that no matter how good she feels, when she turns on the news, it makes her feel stressed, angry and helpless. She asked me whether she should just stop watching the news. This wasn’t the first time someone asked me this—it has been one of the most frequently

How Female Filmmakers are Changing Hollywood

This article was written by Adryenn Ashley and originally appeared on True Hollywood Talk. It is well-known that the life of an artist can be a painful one. Socrates died for truth. Van Gogh suffered from mental health issues. Frida Kahlo’s story is one often fraught with sadness and frustration. But now, in our image-obsessed

Love Trumps Superheroes

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post in January, 2017. The path to victory over villains. In these particularly polarizing times, we can at least all agree on one thing: we are stronger—as a nation and as people—if we stand united. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many of us adamantly insist on our view

A note on Self-Love

“I feel so good, I just want to self-love at home, at work and all over the place,” joked my client, David (not his real name). It was at the end of one of our sessions, after a breakthrough for him on self-love. He had finally understood and experienced self-love beyond a concept. For many,

Happy New Year from New Stress Relief

During this time we often reflect on how we want our year or lives to unfold. We may call it New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or life goals. And often, at the end of the year, we reflect on how many, or how little of these we actually manage to accomplish. According to the Journal of

Putting More Thanks in the Giving

Each Fall, as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are encouraged to consider the importance of gratitude. We often talk about thankfulness as a gift to the receiver, but neglect to consider how simple acts of appreciation can profoundly impact our own wellbeing. After my client, “Frank,” (not his real name) thanked me for successfully helping

Hit Your Mindfulness Mark

It’s pilot season in Hollywood. One of my clients, Cathy (not her real name), an actress that flies to Los Angeles from Sydney every year during this time, inquired about utilizing mindfulness for her craft. We normally focus on hypnotherapy to help her uncover anything that unconsciously holds her back from performing her best and

Happy Valentine’s Day…Forever

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what…for the rest of your life? For a celebration that’s meant to be about love, Valentine’s Day sure can bring up experiences far away from it. Whether you’re single, separated, in a relationship or in an unhappy relationship, insecurities related to romantic love

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Happy “You” Year

Remember that at the core of every wish is the desire to be happy or at peace. So, how about doing your New Year’s resolution from the inside out? Try feeling good or calm first. If this seems too difficult, use your imagination. Imagine how you would feel if you have just achieved one of

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